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Drug Test Conducted by Organization

Drug abuse is a serious problem faced by our society. Due to this addiction, many people lose their jobs as drugs decreases the mental capability of an addict. Drugs diminish the interest of people in their work thus resulting in losses for the firm. The government has made it legal for an organization to conduct a drug test before hiring any employer. Although many employers protest against this test, but companies carry these test to be on the safer side. The argument placed by employer is drug test steals an individual’s privacy but companies are firm on their testing methods.

Reason behind the need to carry drug test

The main reason behind drug test is to ensure a drug free environment which is safe for all individuals. Drug addiction is a bad habit and it can easily attract other employers too, therefore to protect all the employers from this dangerous habit, it is necessary to create a safe environment.
Secondly, drug addiction makes a person inattentive and absent minded. Therefore lack of concentration will result in loss for company along with individual.
There are high chances of accidents and violence when there is lack of concentration by workers. Therefore this can result in loss of numerous lives and the image of the company is at stake.
Huge impact comes on the amount of medical allowance by the organization. Drug abusers soon start facing physical and mental problems which need clinical help. Therefore, the extra cost will come on the company if the worker is a part of it.

The testing period

Organizations carry the test usually after the selection of employer. In most cases, the employers are not informed about the test beforehand in order to avoid any cheating. Some organizations also demand pre-employment drug screenings along with necessary details of employer. In such cases, employers get a chance to cheat an organization by using different tools which can help them clear the test. Therefore, due to this reason, organizations are changing their policy and find random drug testing method more effective.

Places where test is carried

Many big organizations have kept a special room in their workplace where all the employers are told to conduct the test. Companies keep special drug testing kits which help them to carry the test with ease while some do not have the facility in their organization. In such cases, they suggest authentic laboratories and keep the employers based on the decision of drug test.

Most frequent methods used by organization

Many organizations prefer urine drug test for their employer. The main reason for this preference is the ease to carry the test and the test procedure is also cheap compared to other methods. Saliva test is also a good choice as the test can be conducted immediately by taking saliva of the employer from mouth. Big organizations prefer hair drug test as it gives the most authentic result. The test is bit expensive; therefore only big organizations prefer this method.