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Dangers Associated with Ecstasy

Ecstasy is one of the most famous and widely consumed drugs in the world. It is also known as ‘club drug’ mainly because it is present in all teenagers’ parties. These drugs basically cater teenagers and kids as victims. People have a deception that ecstasy is a safe drug but this is not true. It has dangerous ingredients which hit the neurons in the brain and destroy them. Thus the brain damage caused by ecstasy is irreversible.
Reasons behind kids attraction
The most alarming fact is children aged 12 and above are ecstasy abuser. They are mainly attracted to this drug due to the misconception that it is a safe way to get pleasant and euphoric feeling.

It helps the children to be hyperactive and energetic due to the special hallucinogenic properties of the drug. This is the main reason for keeping this drug in night clubs and dance parties.
The packaging and look of ecstasy is quite appealing to children. You can find ecstasy pills in numerous bright colors and they are often presented with fun logos and famous cartoon characters.
Many kids usually intake ecstasy by seeing their friends and peers using it. This usually happens in parties or hangovers when a group is consuming drugs. Therefore children find it a good way to be among the circle.

Effects of ecstasy abuse

Being a parent, you can judge about drug consumption by your kid if you notice any such problem in him.
Ecstasy pills can create severe dehydration in abuser’s body and drinking water is not a solution to it. Instead it is better to consult a doctor immediately.
As the body is not prone to such strong drug dose, most people have to face high body temperature which in some cases, have resulted in immediate death.
Like other drugs, ecstasy drug affect heart, lungs and kidneys negatively. Overdose can lead to failures of respective organs.
Hormonal disturbance is yet another issue. Regular dose of ecstasy can result in fertility issues in the future. If a pregnant mother is consuming ecstasy, chances of miscarriage or premature delivery increase. In case of teenagers, ecstasy abuse can create severe hormonal disturbance and they have to suffer with the problem for a longer period as the body is in stage of development and disturbance is not a good sign.
Nausea, vomiting, excessive sweating and paranoia are some other problems of ecstasy consumption.
Regular dose of ecstasy have a very negative impact on brain and overdose can result in bleeding in brain and brain damage. Damage of the brain can be judged by the fact that person faces memory loss issues after a few doses of ecstasy.
Ecstasy is a very harmful drug and it affects all the body parts in one way or another. It kills a person slowly like a parasite and there is only one end to it, i.e. death of abuser. Therefore, it is better to avoid even one dose of such harmful pills and even protect others from its abuse.